What is SELdirect?
SELdirect is a project management tool used to assist with the transfer of files and information between SEL and our clients during the compliance process. Using a standard FTP program or a standard internet browser, you can access your own password-protected folder for each project/model. This is the prefered method over email, which many times is limited on file size.

For example, you can "drag and drop" your draft label in the LABELS folder, where you will find the relevant SEL Handout on the topic. SEL will review the draft label, making any recommended changes, in Acrobat for example, copy the revised label back into the same folder, where it will be ready for you to download. When you have accordingly prepared the final label drawing and are ready for the agency submittal, you can drop it in the same folder. Everyone knows where to look for the latest effort, rather than wondering where things are at in the process. We both can collect component specifications and approvals as *.pdfs in the COMPONENTS folder.

If there is something new that you need us to look at, you can add files to the 1_NEW FROM CLIENT folder.

With SELdirect, you can...

  • Access customized SEL Handouts to help train you in the traditional trouble areas.
  • View our draft agency reports for accuracy and fill in the blanks. Address those comments or issues that are identified.
  • Check the test plan and results, a short time after the data is collected.
  • Review the agency-issued Reports, Certificates and the like, as SEL archives them as a back-up to your own files.

To Set Up Your SELdirect Account...
You will need to select a user name (ie: your company name or some variation thereof), and choose a unique password with more than 6 characters, preferably with both letters and numbers. When you provide those to us either in person, by fax or on the phone, we will send you more detailed instructions on accessing your SELdirect folder.

Safety Engineering Laboratory: 2370-D Qume Drive, San Jose, CA 95131
Phone: (408) 544-1890
Fax: (408) 544-1899 Web: www.SELdirect.com Email: info@SELdirect.com