Safety Engineering Laboratory's Fees:

Our fees are charged at a rate of $195 per hour, with detailed invoices that show exactly how the time was spent, issued at natural breakpoints during the project. Terms are net 30 days. A deposit of 50% of the estimated consulting fee may be required in advance for new accounts with no prior credit history with us. Overdue accounts can expect the same priority as our invoice receives. Travel time and telephone calls are chargeable at the same rate, and all billable time is rounded up to the nearest quarter hour. Direct disbursements chargeable to a project, such as film, telephone, and standards, are invoiced at cost. For clients located outside of the Bay Area, additional expenses would include airfare, lodging, car rental, etc., which SEL attempts to split among its clients in the same area, if possible. There are no additional fees for test equipment and lab usage.

Agencies' Fees:

Please note that the agency fees are paid directly to the agencies, and are separate from SEL's charges. The agency fees will significantly vary with the type of product submitted, whether it be medical (higher costs), telecommunication, or computer equipment. Most NRTLs such as UL have a program where they evaluate a product to a harmonized CSA standard, for the cNRTL Mark, at the same time as the basic UL/US Listing work for the NRTLus Mark, such as ULus. UL, CSA, and TUV, among other NRTLs, have similar programs for both US and Canadian certification. Your choice between these NRTLs will depend on factors, such as costs, time to market, customer preferences and/or requirements, previous experience with one of the agencies, experience of the factory, and/or proximity to the nearest office.

Sample Budget:

The following example is a budget for a personal computer being submitted to UL for Listing under UL60950-1, to CSA for Certification to CSA22.2 No. 60950-1, and to TUV under EN60950-1 for the GS Mark (for CE Mark compliance).

Agency Fees
SEL Time @ $195/hour
50 hours
40 hours
35 hours
TUV (Notified Body)

5 additional hours
(if conducted at same time as cTUVus)

20 additional hours
(if conducted at same time as
cULus or cCSAus)
TCF - Technical Construction File
10 additional hours
(if conducted at the same time as
UL/CSA/TUV above), or

40 hours total,
if conducted as singular effort
(without UL/CSA/TUV at the same time)

We have used a personal computer as a base-line, with your budget being scaled up or down depending, for example, on your unit's complexity relative to a PC. Other factors that could affect the budget are the approval status of the power supplies used, product variations that include telecommunication connections or a centralized DC battery connection, etc. For a more accurate budget, specific to your product, please submit company and product information to us using our Quote Form. With this information, SEL will contact you and provide a budget specific to your unit.

Here are some samples of Purchase Orders created for the product safety effort.

SEL Sample POSEL Purchase Order (remember to pay your consultants first!)

UL Sample POUL Purchase Order

TUV Sample POTUV Purchase Order

CSA Sample POCSA Purchase Order

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